Knowledge with values


To make it a Rural Institute of Excellence


• To create morally and culturally strong human resources with defined skill and competencies that are useful members of the society and for the service of the nation.
• To provide opportunity for quality higher education to the deprived and marginalized section of the society in this area.
• To reduce the economic outflow in the form of students opting for admissions in institutes outside the area and state.


• To provide immediate opportunity for the quality higher education in the area.
• To increase the number of useful graduates in the locality.
• To develop knowledge and skills in the emerging fields by incorporating new and upcoming courses.
• To provide opportunities for physical development sports and extra curricular activities.
• To assume parental role in the area in developing moral and spiritual values among the youths and in making them emotionally sound and enlightened.
• To work against social evils and superstitions in the society.
• To nurture and develop rich cultural heritages following equal opportunity principle emphasing tolerance and humanity.
• To develop the college into an information hub for the rural population not having access to information technology.
• To make up leadership role in creating environmental awareness among the local population.
• To act as a centre of positive social changes and value addition to human resources in the rural area.

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