• Festival of Science Learning
In this innovative programme students and teachers of selected colleges are invited to our college. They stay 2/3 days here. Classes and practicals by experts are done to these group of students. Group teaching of different colleges increase the confidence and mutual understanding amongst students. It also give them taste of different expert teachers. The first ever festival was organized from March 20-22, 2016 where students and teachers of Digboi, Nabajyoti, Chaiduar and Jagiroad colleges took part.

Students Exchange programme- In this activities students of a college visit other college stay there one/two days there in the other college attend classes there with their students. The first programme was done by department of Assamese with same department of Biswanath College in September 2015. Memorandum of Agreement signed with Biswanath, Digboi, Jagiroad, Nabajyoti and Chaiduar college.

• Teachers Exchange Programme- In this programme teachers of a department visit other college take classes in that college and vice versa. Memorandum of Agreement signed with Darrang college and GNDG Commerce College.

Aatmaram Sarma Chhatra Gobesana Bota- In this innovative programme the students research projects are funded and awarded. Started with the initiative of MLA and Alumnus Sri Keshab Mahanta in 2015. The research topic must be related to Kaliabor. The best research teams of all streams are awarded with Rs. 5,000/- cash and Certificate. This will encourage the research mentality among students.

Academic Audit- To stock the academic accountability regular Academic audit has been done.

Green Audit- The Green audit of the campus done

Free Studentship- Free studentship to all toppers of all classes.

Best Reader Award- Best Reader of the college library has been awarded annually.

Regular Book Fair- One Book Fair has been organized annually generally in College Week.

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